My wife and I used to belong to a Lab rescue org. We had a dog in rescue named Sparky.
We found out that he was abused by an older male by being kicked every time he barked on the back porch ( don’t all dogs do that?). Anyways we took him in . one day sparky and my Tess where sleeping on the floor and I bent over to pet Sparky and he snaped and took out a piece of my hand. My wife took me to the emergency room and they patched me up. Of course I lied through my teeth how I got hurt and the attendent (Wink, wink) left it at that. A few months later all of a sudden Sparky jumped up on my lap and licked me . A few weeks later he was adopted by an elderly couple. They have passed and guess where Sparky’s new forever home is now? We and Tess Love him.

Cary from WI