Skinny Little Dachsund

One Saturday morning, a lady bought a skinny little Dachshund to our door, and asked if she belonged to us. She’d apparently been left on a busy street, and nearly got hit. I told her that my dogs were all in the back yard. She said that she’d take her to the next three houses, and if nobody claimed her, she’d take her to a nearby vet, and who knows what would’ve happened. I caught up to her before she reached the next door, and told her we’d take her. This poor little girl had bowed legs and was skin and bones. We took her to the vet and she had to have several bad teeth pulled, but she blessed us with two more years of her sweet presence. She passed on one night in our bed. I still cry when I think of our precious little girl, and now, we’ve rescued, and adopted seven more.
That’s why I sent Mark the blanket when I heard the story about his precious Sprite. I know how it hurts to lose a “family” member. Especially the four legged ones.
Thank you for Rescuing Sprite.
Janet from TX