Adapted for my daughter when we lost our beloved Shane

Minniepeg’s Shane Of Echo Lake

I, Minnipeg’s Shane of Echo Lake, familiarly known as Shane, Del and some times Shannon; because of the burden of my illness, realize that the end of my life is near…and so I hereby bury my Last Will & Testament in the heart of my friend, Kimberly. She will not know it is there until some time after I have changed worlds. Then, remembering me in her sadness, she will know.
I have little in the way of material things to leave. Dogs are much wiser than men. We do not set great value on things. I have only my love and courage to bequeath.
I ask her to remember me always but not grieve too long. In my life, I’ve tried to be a comfort to her in time of sorrow & a reason for added joy in her life’s happiness. It is painful for me to think that in death I should cause her pain. Let her remember that while no dog ever had a happier life, I have grown ill and pained. I have a great sense of pride & dignity & would not want to sink to bewildered humiliation. It is time for me to say, “Good-by”. It will be a great sadness to leave you but not a sorrow to die.
What will become of me as I change worlds? Who knows? I like to believe I will be in a place where I will romp in fields with Flower, and some day, be joined by friends I’ve known in life. Where every hour is mealtime and there are fireplaces with logs burning where I spend long evenings with the memory of your touch. This is much to expect but peace is certain.
One last word of farewell, my Dear Friend…Whenever you think of me, say to yourself with sadness but also with happiness in your heart at the remembrance of my happy life with you; “He is the one who loved me and whom I loved”. No matter how deep my sleep, I shall hear you and our bond will remain forever unbroken
(Author Unknown)

Edward from NJ


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  1. Mark Says:

    What a beautiful dog! Very touching words.