Mr. Levin —

I have to tell you what a comfort my wife and I found your book, “Rescuing Sprite.” So much in your book mirrored our own experience, Fifteen years ago, we rescued our beloved Border Collie, Scout, from the Arlington, VA, animal shelter. Even though I was the dog fanatic, Scout became my wife’s faithful companion — staying by her side through my extended work-related travel, through her bout with a serious illness, and through my four years in evening law school. They became inseparable, and he touched both our hearts in many ways. He accepted the subsequent arrival of our kids warmly and in many ways became the center of our family activities. In spite of all of this, I was surprised at how deeply it affected us — me in particular — when he came down with inoperable cancer. He fought it bravely for four months before it became clear the pain medication wasn’t doing enough and we had him put down. My wife and I held him and tried to soothe him as the veterinarian put him to sleep, and I haven’t been as upset by anything in years. It’s a little embarassing how attached you can get to an animal, but there it is. We buried Scout’s ashes beneath the dogwood tree in our front yard, and I speak to him often. Thanks for writing the book, and thanks for your cogent and wise political commentary as well.

Keep up the great work — you’re making a difference!

Doug from VA