Sadie, Gizmo

After a miscarriage of our first child, my husband bought a Yorkshire Terrier for me to ease my pain. Her name was Sadie, her first family could not keep her. I immediately fell in love with her. She was my constant companion. After my husband and I were blessed with children, she would sleep under their cribs, their protector even though she was only eight pounds. As she got older, she developed heart problems. The vet did everything he could to prolong her life which he did for several years with medication. Finally, the day came to make the horrible decision to put her down. I stayed with her and held her as the vet gave her the final shot. I watched as the light left her eyes. I cannot tell you how hard I cried and how long. But, I would never have let her die alone without me.

I think of her often even though my children are now teenagers and I have another Yorkie, a male, Gizmo. I know that one day the time will come for me and Gizmo to part. As much as it will hurt me, I will be with him in the end as well.

Laura from FL