Rusty was a giant of a Golden Retriever. 33 lbs. at 3 months we brought him home.
We lost him, just shy of his 13th birthday to bone cancer. What happened that day, I will never forget.
I had been reading about the “rainbow bridge”. A poem to help the pain of losing your pet. It talks about how some day you and your pet will be reunited at this “rainbow bridge.” I had the vet come to the house. Rusty was outside, on his blanket. Being so large, and that he couldn’t walk, there was no way that I was going to have him go through a painful experience in the car. As the vets were putting him down, I kept praying, “please let him go to the rainbow bridge”, and then he was gone.
Later that day, I was sitting on the back patio, feeling sorry for myself. All of a sudden, a feather floated from the sky and landed on my bare foot. Of course, I looked up to see where the feather had come from. It was a beautiful day to go to heaven. Just a few high wispy clouds in the sky. Like a plane had flown over hours ago. But, up in one of those wispy clouds was a rainbow. He had made it.

Amy from TX


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  1. Mark Says:


    Thank you for this story. We just put our dog to sleep two weeks ago, and your story is very uplifting.

    Mark from PA