Ruby Tuesday

My Ruby Tuesday—-Deep in the hills of Osage county lives a pit bull named Ruby Tuesday, she’s a real brownie. She was moaning through the fence in my neighbors yard, her feet were bloody, her body scarred.-So we took her to the vet to see what he could do.I said “How old is she?” He said “A year maybe two.” She was used for the fight ring , thats what the vet said.But I guess she’s got more fight than most cause, she’s not dead.She showed up on a Tuesday so thats part of her name, the other part is Ruby and mine is Jane.-Sometimes, I take her with me she knows just where to sit. She has trouble running cause she limps a bit.-Life is so uncertain with all the ups and downs, you look for a friend but one can’t be found. So I thank God for Ruby she’s always there for me, and I know there’s dogs in heaven thats how its got to be.-They say dogs have a human, someone they truly love, But, I say this human has a dog, sent from God above.


Janie from OK