Dear Mark,

I received “Rescuing Sprite” as a gift from my husband and I just can’t bring myself to finish reading it. I am currently at the point where Chris the vet is at your house. I became too emotional to read on and I don’t know if I have the courage to deal with Sprites ending. Somehow I think by not reading on, Sprite will be O.K.

I am a huge animal lover and we have a wonderful Shetland Sheepdog named Romeo. He is turning four years old on March 15. He is just the love of our lives. My husband and I have been married for 15 years. We were not able to have children, so Romeo is the son we never had. I work from home and he is my constant shadow. He is actually my best friend. I can’t imagine life without his expressive little face, the great kisses he gives, him cuddled up in my lap, and the love he gives us unconditionally.

I am very moved by this book like no other book I have ever read. I can feel your joy and pain in every sentence. I have cried as if Sprite were my dog.

Thank you for allowing all of us to read your beautiful tribute to such a wonderful friend and family member. Sprite seemed like a gentle soul that came into your lives if only for a moment. I am sure he had a happier life because of you and your family and I am sure you and your family are happier for having known him.

Maybe I will be able to finish the book one day… but today is not the day.

Chantel from FL