Reba, Earl, Blue

My story is much too long to write. We rescued an 11 year old spayed Dalmatian named Reba. After she came home with us, the person we got her from said she was 13, and not spayed. We already had 2 Dalmatians and Reba loved being a member of the pack. We only had her 6 months before a blood disease took her from us. We lost two other Dalmatians at too young an age. Earl was 6 when he was diagnosed with dilative cardiomyopathy. Once diagnosed, a dog is given no more than 3 months to live. Every time we left the house, we didn’t know if Earl would be alive when we got home. Earl made it just about 3 months before he got so uncomfortable we had to put him to sleep. Blue was an 8 year old Dalmatian with congestive heart failure. We kept him on many medications, but it wasn’t too long before Blue’s big heart couldn’t keep up with the congestive heart failure and we had to put him to sleep.

All three of them lived and loved life to the fullest to the very end. I miss them all, but Blue was my “silly mama’s boy” and I still haven’t gotten over his loss. Actually, I’m crying now. “Rescuing Sprite” definitely portrays the bond between a family and a dog. A lot of people just can’t understand it. Thank you for writing such a wonderful portrayal.

Karyn from NV