Dear Mark,

My wife and I were just remarking today about Saving Sprite. We are both fans. And, like you, we also rescued our black lab, Penny from a shelter over ten years ago. We are now working through the anguish of the end of Penny’s life.

Without imparting all of the details, Penny started declining suddenly about three weeks ago. After several subsequent trips to the vet, we learned that she had a very fast-acting and most lethal form of cancer. She died last night at home with us. I stroked and comforted her in her last moments as my wife and eight-year-old daughter looked on. It was the least I could do. And it was all I could do, as her breathing slowed and then stopped.

Penny lived to please. She was the most loyal and temperate creature. Even in the last day, when she was totally miserable, she still strained to show happiness by wagging her tail (feeble as it was) when I came near or said her name. Penny lived joyfully and stoutheartedly until the very end. And it was as if her life’s mission was to keep OUR spirits up.

Now, in the void of her absence, our spirits are low. We listen to you with joy though. And it has been cathartic to write this to you in the memory of our cherished dog, Penny.

Rick & Kate from TX