Pee Wee, Sunshine

Your book brought back some memories, some I admit made me cry my eyes out
I too had a dog, whom I loved as my third son.
Our familly adopted Pee Wee as a puppy, we bought him in a puppy store and from the moment we brought him home knew our llives would never be the same. We too were moving (from Long Island, to Connecticut) so this was a blessing
Pee Wee lived with us for 15 years but as his final year approached he developed seizures and did the pacing like your Sprite.
We tried desperately to save him but our vet knew he was too old to put him through all the procedures.
We kept him comfortable and I did my best to give him anything he could want. We made many trips to MacDonald’s , he loved happy meals, and being the mom I couldn’t deny him .
He brought to us the most wonderful 15years, but like we all know they are too short , we don’t know what we have until we’ve lost it
I with the advise of my vet did decide after 3 weeks to open my heart and we now have Sunshine, whose name is fitting. After having to put Pee Wee to sleep I believed the sun would never shine in our lives again
I believe Pee Wee brought her straight into our lives because she’s never taken his olace but like having children( more than one, )you open your heart to love and be loved unconditionally
I so much feel the love you expressed for your canine children and I wanted you to know that it’s the nicest people in the world who have loved and their pets as you do
I’m a pet sitter so I hear horror stories and my heart breaks every time I have to find those sad stories.
Too read your book was like meeting an old friend, thank you for opening your story to all of us who know too well, who have all had our lives enriched by our beautiful canine kids
God Bless You, and I hope you get your just rewards when you finally get to see your Spritey at the Rainbow Bridge
Ellen from FL