Ode to Sally

Dear Mark,
I read your book “Rescuing Sprite” on the airplane while heading to my family’s ski trip just after Christmas in 2007. I was actively preparing myself for my final months with my dog, Sally, a 14 year old shelter rescued Gordon Setter/Cocker mix. I cried through parts of your book and learned from it. You gave me the idea that my vet could travel to my home when the time came. For that I am truly grateful, because Sally left this world while lying peacefully in her own bed.

In an effort to overcome the loss and pain that I feel after losing my longtime canine companion, I am directing some of my energy towards volunteering at the Northwoods Humane Society in Forest Lake, MN. This “not for profit” shelter helps over 1,000 companion animals per year to find new homes.

This spring, I’m participating in the 10th Annual “Furry Scurry Walk with the Animals” to raise funds for the NHS. This 3 mile walk takes place on May 4th. My goal is to raise 0 or more if possible.

If your listeners are interested in helping me to reach my goal for this worthy cause, please visit my personal pledge site at: http://furryscurry.golfreg.com/memoryofsally

A grateful dog lover in Hugo, MN.

P.S I’m attaching below my “Ode to Sally” which may be too lengthy for the website.

May 8, 1993 – February 16, 2008

“Forever by My Side”

Sally, the black and white Gordon Setter/Cocker Spaniel mix belonging to Cathy Bergin, died peacefully at home in Hugo, MN on Saturday, February 16th. She was 14 years old.

Sally was adopted from the St. Croix Animal Shelter in Afton, MN on January 3rd, 1994 at the age of 9 months. She grew up in Woodbury, MN. It was there she would run for miles on the paved bike trails attached to a ten foot leash in front of the mountain bike. While on vacation in Nebraska, Sally met and adopted her feline sibling, Libby. They would spend the next twelve years together.

Never content to be left at home, Sally often rode along in the pick-up to work. She journeyed across the U.S. to Weed, CA and back. She spent many weekends at the lake retrieving sticks from the water and was noted for her ability to jump long distances off the dock. When her owner went water skiing, Sally’s howl could be heard from across the lake. Sally was truly happiest when she was by her owner’s side.

Sally moved to rural northeastern Hugo in late 1999. She spent her days running in the fields, with her nose to the ground and her tail wagging. It was during this time that her family expanded, Lee and Oakley were adopted and the Hugo Training Center was born.

On Labor Day in 2005, Sally was hit by a car while chasing through the woods near the Bergin family cabin. She was treated by the Webster vet and later at the U of MN vet hospital for multiple fractures to her lower jaw. During this difficult time, Sally was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma, a slow progressing cancer. With the help of the Lance Armstrong poster that Lee hung over her dog dish and many dog food smoothies, she was able to make a full recovery. With a drooping eye, missing tooth and a little excess drool, Sally went on to live a good life for another two and a half years. She was a cancer survivor and an inspiration to us all.

Sally is survived by her good friend Libby. She is preceded in death by Oakley, Casey, Nikki, Tossa, Streator and Bridget. Thanks to all who were involved in the life and care of this special dog.