Not Allowed to Rescue!?

Dog story with legal question…
My aunt Dorithy is in her 70’s, very active with no significant medical issues. Her dog Lexie was put down about a year ago from cancer. Lexie a golden retreiver was a rescue dog. My aunt Dorithy and uncle Roy, who died from prostate cancer a few years back, loved this dog very much. Lexie was probably abused and was skittish, but would come around after she got comfortable with you. She was as gentle as a feather. My aunt still has her cat Violet who she loves and is great company. But she had decided to rescue another golden retreiver. She had been crusing the shelters and finally found one she fell in love with. She decided to adopt her. The people at the shelter are very fussy who can adopt a dog or cat for that matter. They sent someone to her house to inspect the premisis to see if it was condusive to the well being of the dog. All was found ok. Good house nice yard etc. My aunt is quite spry for her age and you would think she was in her 50’s. She drives herself everywhere and does some traveling and has enough money for vet bills, as this was a requirement. After a while when all seemed to be going well anothe person came to her house and told her application was denied as she was too old to adopt the dog. She was crushed and is now looking to other shelters. This is a great woman who lost her husband and her dog and was trying to do the right thing by rescuing an other dog and was turned down, just because of her age. I guess my question to you Mark if you read this. Is this age descrimination? Can anything be done about this? By the way my wife and I listen to your show all the time and love it and you. Keep up the great work. I would flip a coin between you and Rush and put Hannity in at 3rd, although not by much. Thanks for reading.

Pete from NJ

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  1. Nancy Woodrow Says:

    This happened to my sister as well. The dog rescue places turned her down, but she was able to get a dog from the SPCA…they are not as radical. My sister has a beautiful farm, 23 acres, and at least half of it is fenced with invisible fencing. The dog she got loves his life. He spends a lot of time patrolling the perimeter…looking for varmints and/or intruders. My advice…try the SPCA.