Nike, Molly

I just finishing reading your book “Rescuing Sprite” and I wanted to tell you what an incredible person you are. I too am a dog lover and can relate to how you felt when you had to put your loving companion to sleep. I had my NIke for 10 wonderful years. He was the most loyal and obedient dog. We lost him due to a tragic accident. My husband took him to the beach every week for exercise. He loved Nike as he was his best friend. This one day he let Nike out of the truck as he had done many times before. Nike used to run beside the truck until my husband would park it. But for some reason this day Nike ran at the truck and hit it full force. He was killed instantly. My husband was a wreck. He blamed himself over and over and couldn’t forgive himself. I told him it wasn’t his fault as I knew he loved that dog so much. I knew he would never get over it until he had another one to love.

I went out and surprised him with Molly, an overactive Beagle. It took some time for him to come around, but he loves Molly more than ever. At first I couldn’t even think of getting another dog because I never wanted to go through a loss again. But after some time, I realized I needed another animal to love and take care of. You notice I didn’t say another animal needed me as its us who needs them. We have added another dog to our family, Jack who is part Husky and part German Shepherd. There are so many animals out there that are treated horribly. Its nice to know that there are people like you and myself who give them a better life. No one can understand what we have been through unless they love animals like we do. Be proud that you are a caring, compassionate human being as not everyone is as special as you and your wife are…


Jackie from MA