My Girl

I lost my girl, a long-coat German Shepherd after 12 years. She was with me every day for her entire life. She and I were co-therapists for 8 years. When we weren’t working, she came everywhere else with me.

She had instinct and an open heart and she taught me more about treating wounded souls than any graduate school or internship ever could. There are still former patients who email and call to tell about how she changed their lives.

She always had health challenges and the last three years of her life she was sick more than she was well. She never lost her amazing spirit even when she was dying. She died at home, on her bed in the family room. I went to get something for her and came back to find her gone. Losing her was like losing pieces of my soul. I will miss my girl forever but I am so, so grateful for being chosen to be her person.

Thank you for writing your very healing book.

Gibbs from TX