My Cat Sprite

Dear Mr. Mark Levin,

My name is Nicole Thorp I am 12 years old. First I have to say that I love Rescuing Sprite I think it makes us cherish the time we have with our pets. I had a pet to until the morning of Febuary 5, 2008. My cat Sprite sneaked out of the house the day before and she didn’t come home and I thought it was strange. My mom went and looked for her as I got ready for school. She found her on the side of the street flat on the ground, laying there. She got hit by a car. I was heart-broken. I started crying and crying I couldn’t stop. I loved her and she loved me to. Everytime I had lost a pet I didn’t know what happened to them, but with Sprite I did. She was the best cat I ever had and now she’s gone never to return. Now I know how you and your family felt when you lost Sprite. I feel the same way, I miss her a lot and I can feel her absence around the house. I miss her. Thank you for listening to my email because you are a busy man. You can write back if you want.
P.S my dad loves your show he watches it everyday.

Nicole from WA