Only a dog lover and a true believer in how wonderfully,dogs effect our lives.our dog ,Murdock,a Lhasa Apso/ Shih Tsu mix was our family member for 11 years.He went prowling one day,not knowing he got out.We were notified by neighbor,due to his ID tag,that he was in her yard,dead,not knowing why to this day.never a clue why,he had no visible damage,but we believe he drank anti freeze that a horrible neighbor leaves in his garage,because he is not a dog lover.He is a miserable human being.I was in the hospital for minor surgery when he disappeared.Of course I cried for days.About 2 months later, while asleep,he came running toward me in a dream. He said “I”m sorry I could not say goodbye,I love you” It bothers me to write this, it was so real.He was such a wonderful family pet.I woke up from the dream,crying and did all day. Only lovers would understand and believe my story. Thanks Mark for what you do.I have another,dog ,a Yorkie,13 years old,constant companion.She even goes to work with me.I drive a truck.

Lynn from GA