I finished your book last night. I’m glad to see that you are donating part of the profits to rescue groups. Most rescue groups (not shelters or the Humane Society) are made up of volunteers working from donations or, most of the time, out of their own pockets.

I am the rescue coordinator for the South Central Bloodhound Club. My husband and I have rescued bloodhounds for over 10 years, and many of the dogs and their stories are heartbreaking. It’s difficult to turn perfectly wonderful dogs away because there are no foster homes available. It’s never easy, but you learn to take heart in the ones you can save and say a little prayer for the ones you must leave behind.

We have three rescued bloodhounds. Our oldest, Moose, is a little over 12 years now, and he’s starting to have health issues. Nothing that we can’t work with yet, but he’s a little slower, a little grayer, a little more tired. But when I look at him, I still see the big goofy dog we brought home 12 years ago.

Thank you for doing your part to save a dog. It’s wonderful to see a dog that was abused find happiness and kindness in his new ‘forever home’. It amazes me that so many of these dogs are willing to trust us again after what they’ve gone through at our hands.

Again, thank you.

Pam from TX