Mark, I am writing this with a heavy heart. My wife and I lost our adopted Golden last July. We lasted two weeks and adopted a beautiful Black Lab (6yrs old) from the Humane Society. Mark…she was a two time adoptee. We could not figure out why. She was awesome with little baggage. A month later we adopted another Golden from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Oregon. Our Lab, Molly ,was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the jaw in August (three weeks after we adopted her!) What to do? We were told surgery was not an option due to the aggressiveness, so we pursued a palliative course of radiation. She was such a trooper! We were given a rough timeline of 9 months. As you know, and have talked about on your radio show, they become a part of your life and a virtual family member. Well, last weekend my wife and I took our pooches to the lake and had a wonderful time watching them chase geese and ducks. Molly was swimming like an Olympian.
She dreamed all night Sunday! Yesterday,I took her to her Oncologist for her checkup. I had to drop her off due to a business meeting. I was fifteen minutes away when The Doctor called me on my cell. Molly’s cancer had spread across her jaw and eaten through the bone completely. She didn’t understand how my Molly could even eat. Never a wimper or complaint. You know what happened next. I turned around and went back to the Vet. We let our Molly cross the Rainbow Bridge. My prayer is that she is running and chasing geese and ducks with our late Golden and your Sprite. She was truly my girl and I miss her so.
Mark, I have not read Rescuing Sprite, but I am a devoted listener to your show and I have been in tears many times listening because I know that you love the shelter dogs and rescue animals as my bride and I do. Keep the faith Brother.
Charlie from OR