Misty, Gracie

I just finished reading your book Rescuing Sprite. I just want to tell you that I know how you feel. I had to put our dog Misty to sleep several years ago she was 16 yrs old and we got her when she was two, she meant the world to me. That is the hardest decision to make. It was about a month afterwards that I was sitting folding clothes and her portrait I had taken was still on the livingroom wall and I just started crying and told my husband that I could not go without a dog in our house to love and take care of. This was a sunday afternoon so I got in my car and went to the local humane society and ended up coming home with another german shepherd/collie mix that looked just like my Misty but her name is Gracie and ever since then we have went back and got her a friend named Prince and he is border collie/doberman. They play and wrestle alot but I could not imagine life without them, I spoil them rotten and they are worth every bit of spoiling that they get. I dread the day when they are gone which I hope won’t be for a long time since Gracie is only four and Prince is three. One day I will try to get my husband to help me send a picture of them to you to see since I don’t know how to do that on the computer, but they are beautiful dogs and I love them with all my heart.

Lisa from PA