Millie and my Saabo

Thank you so much for allowing me to read Sprite’s story. I started reading and could not stop. I don;t think that I have ever cried so much while reading a book. I too have lost two of my dogs. I foster with NBRAN, which is a brittany rescue group. My first adoption was my Millie. I have never had a realtionship with anyone like I did her. She had mammory gland cancer from not being spayed until late in life. I only had her three years. I will always regret not having her long enough. I have a special place in my heart for seniors. I have a 13 year old brittany that I was fostering and ended up adopting her. She is my little shadow. It always seems that the seniors love us a appreciate us the most. She sleeps on a pillow next to me ever night. I cherish every moment with her. Again thanks so much for sharing Sprite’s story. I am sure that my Millie and my Saabo are with your Sprite at the rainbow bridge playing and watching for us because one day we will meet them again. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Melissa from KY