Hi Sprite,
I know you are playing and having fun with Mikey, I have been reading all the Stories on your Dad’s site here. I had to stop for a moment,between the broken heart and tears and memories of how my Mikey helped me thru a very hard time, with late stage Lyme diesase, he gave me the strength,patience,and love to get thru a very hard depressing time. He was always by my side and knew when I was hurting. I miss him very much we only had him 11 years. I could not go when it was time to let him go. My husband had to do it alone what strengh it took. It has been four years and I am finally thinking I am ready to open my arms and heart for a Little Mikey. Thank you Sprite for inspiring your Dad(THE GREAT ONE) to write a beautifull inspiring book, and also want to thank Sean Hannity for leading me to “rescuing sprite “when I heard your Dad for the first time on his show. I have been listening every nite since. Goodnite Spritie and Mikey

Dee from AZ