Maggie, Cheyenne

I first saw Maggie on Sept 1 2005 in Abilene Texas. Maggie is a smooth border collie and had the traditional black and white colors. Maggie was very scared, had almost no hair left and was very thin. It took me more than an hour before this frightened dog would even allow me to touch her. I was determined to not let this poor dog stay in her foster home and with a lot of patience and a few dogs treats I managed to put a colar and leash on Maggie and put her on the floor of my truck. Maggie stayed on the floor the entire three hour drive back to Fort Worth. It was when I finally arrived back at my house Maggie started to shake even more than when I first saw her, obviously Maggie had been taken on many trips to either be dropped off or possibly beaten. I brought my other dog Cheyenne another border collie out to the front yard and it was then I allowed Maggie to come out and explore her new home. Maggie of course was quite scared, timid and unsure. I kept Maggie on the leash scared she might run off and there would be no stopping her. Once inside my home I let Maggie have total freedom and the run of the house. Cheyenne is my oldest and constant companion and the most tolerant animal I have known. Cheyenne sensed Maggie needed to be left alone and to let her become accustomed to her new surroundings. Maggie bonded with me quickly and only growled once at Cheyenne. That growling has never occured since the first night. Maggie ate a good meal and slept in a comfortable and warm and dry doggie bed and immediately had a case of diarrhea. The front carpets needed cleaning anyway. and it was not her fault for relieving herself. Poor Maggie was not used to eating such good food. I take Maggie to my vet the next day, he finds fleas and a few ticks and then also discoveres poor Maggie has heartworms. So again Maggie must go through another seperation, as my vet keeps her for 18 days through the heart worm medication and treatment process. I have an incredibly compassionate and caring vet and I visit this dog everyday. Maggie comes home, free of fleas, ticks and no more heartworms. I still have to gain Maggies trust and love and within a year, Maggie is a true member of my household. I take this incredible dog along with Cheyenne on walks and we play frisbee in the front yard about every night. No animal deserves to be abused or forgotten. Dogs give love unconditionally, they never lie or steal from us and I only wish I could find more people that had the same traits as my two border collies. Maggie has thrived and gained weight and confidence, she will always be a bit timid and thunder storms still frighten her, but she has brought me much love and is a true friend and also my constant companion.

Bob from TX