Mack, Riley

Two years ago I lost my father to complications of Diabetes. three weeks after that my mother in law was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. My mother in law has livved with me for 20 years. Five months prior to this news we had to put down our 16 year old Border Collie Mack who was one of the most loyal and kindest dogs you could imagine. Due to all this misfortune we experienced in such a short time my wife and motheri in law were not very recptive to a new dog entering our lives. We have a city run dog shelter I pass by weakly and would sneak visit to get my weekly dog fix. Upon one of my visits there was a dog that really stuck out to me. When I walked pass his cage he sat cocked his head and put his paw out on the fence. He immediatly made a connection with me. I adopted him on the spot. Upon arriving home I really was not sure what kind of reception both of us would get. When I opened the door and brought him in My mother in law lit up like a Christmas tree and fell in love with him right on the spot. This was a little of a surprise for me beacuse she is not a very demonstrative person who always felt that an animals place was on the floor and out of her way. For a woman who has been dealing with radiation therapy for weeks now it was the best medicine that she could have been given. Since the arrival of Riley we have noticed that she has connected with him as she has never connected to any of her previous pets and his connection to her is equally strong. Since the adoption of Riley two years have passed and the bond between my mother in law and him are truly a thing to behold. My mother in law in the past two weeks has taken a turn for the worse. we as a family are trying to keep her hame and as comfortable as possible. Still through all the pain and discomfort she still lights up like that Christmas Tree when he enters the room. I know some think that animals can sense something may be wrong before we can. Riley is in bed with my mother in law laying at her feet constantly. When ever me move her or assist her he is right there making sure we are doing the right thing. God brought Riley into our life at a very needy time and was the best medicine that my mother in law Marge ever could of received. The only thing God forgot to give Riley was a pair of wings because He is and always will be Marges Guardian Angel with Paws.

Tom from IN