Lulu, Corky, Lucky

Our close friends sent us a copy of your book knowing we had recently lost our beloved dog, Lulu. Lulu, a beautiful Akita mix, was found by our son,almost 10yrs ago, shivering in the vestibule of his girlfriend’s apt. in midtown Manhattan. They cleaned her up, called us and proposed that we or our close friends might be interested in adopting her. We were skeptical because we had crazy Corky, a lab mix who didn’t get along with most other dogs. Reluctantly, we picked her up and brought her uptown to our friends’ brownstone. They had a yard,other dogs and were willing to take her.Needless to say, we bonded instantly and instead of leaving her with them we took a chance and brought her home to meet Corky. We’re sure she had made up her mind to adopt us by then and was determined to like this rambuctious doggie she heard us talking about.Despite some tense moments, Corky and Lulu became fast friends. She deferred to him in every way and in his old age became his eyes and ears alerting him to our comings and goings and making sure he was at the door first to greet us.
A few years after Corky’s death, Lulu developed serious health problems. She had to have her spleen removed and later tumors showed up around her nose and mouth area. We tried everything we could to help her medically and we know we prolonged her life by at least 2 years. Sadly, in February, we had to let her go.
Your book touched on many of the emotions that we felt both in good times and bad. We have another dog, Lucky, an Australian terrier given to us about a year ago by an acquaintance who found caring for a dog too much trouble. He’s a silly and playful two year old, and of course we love him a lot, but Lulu was special and we’ll always miss her.
Thanks for writing your book!
Cecille and Bob from NY