I’m retired U.SNavy. A story that you might have heard of . 1968 I was a craftmaster on an LCU ,It’s a boat used for carriying.cargo too marine and army up river in Viet Nam It was a pretty big boat , so we had , UDT Boats that ran in fronts of us , Making sure the river . was as safe ,as they can check . Well one of the UDT boats . Had a Dod that had a second sense .any time there was ambush, she would start barking . well one time she staring barking .. The UDT ,came under heavy fire . EVERY one of The UDT was killed . except for the dog. The Star and Stripe Military News paper ,got a told of this artictle, and stated the Dog Lucky.. and kept a long history of Lucky history of ,how much she was able to detect the ememy! Until the day The UDT boat she was on came under heavy fire. I’t said not one foot of the boat didn’t have a hole in it the only one tha was killed was Lucky. The Star and Stripe Head Line , Lucky is Lucky Any more…It had every one that New of the story ….In Tears

Eugene from TN