Luci, Freddie

Hi, Mark,
I wanted to let you know that i loved your book, it took me a while to read because i had to keep putting it down, because i was crying.
It reminded me of my luci, she was a shelter dog, part brittany, and border collie, she was also an older dog. she was red and white with the best personality ever, she would talk to us all the time if we didn’t pay attention to her. One day i was home alone with her and all of sudden she fell over and stiffen right up. We found out that day she had epilepsy. So we called the shelter to see if we could find out anything in her past that would help up figure out what we could do. The shelter told us that we could bring her back and we said No way. Just because she was sick didn’t mean we didn’t want her. To me it was like if my child was sick i wasn’t going to give them up.
So we ended up putting her on medication, she was with us for 5 years after that, one night she would stop having these sezuires, and she had a high fever, so we took her to the doctor at about 2.oo in the morning and didn’t expect her to live through the night, but she did. i went to pick her up the next day and she was perky and everything, and then i took her to my vet and he told me that we didn’t know how much damage was done to her brain and that is was time to think about putting her down because it wasn’t fair to her, she used to go blind, and such, it was so hard on her. So my husband and i talked and made that horrible decision. My husband could not go with me to the vet, So i went by myself and stayed with her the whole time. It was the worst thing i had ever experienced in my life. I cryed so hard on the way home i had to pull over.
Then one of my friends sent me a poem.
the rainbow bridge I don’t know if you have heard of it. But it made me feel so much better. So when ever someone loses a love pet, i send it to them. I just love this poem and i thought i would share it with you.
Thank you for a great book!!! i will share it with my other pet lovers.

Since we lost our beloved luci, We went to the shelter and saved another dog “freddie” who is now 10 years and still going strong. We also have an 8 year old maltese. Who runs the house and freddie too. she weighs 9.5 lbs freddie weighs 40 plus and she puts him in his place all the time. they are both so fun to watch play together and are such buddies. i cannot imagine a house with animals in it. We are now without our children they have moved out and have there own life, So know our puppies are our children and boy do we spoil them!! But i love every minute of them.
i am sorry i have left such a long email. but your book was so touching i had to tell you my story. if you are ever in minnesota i would love to have you sign my book. thanks again for writing it.


Connie from MN