Lessons from Blackjack

Someone on a message board that I frequent recently posed a question about what separates us from the “lesser” animals, apart from religion. I responded by listing the lessons I’ve learned from Blackjack, which are as follows:

–If you audibly fart, act surprised and walk away.
–Burp if you really need to.
–Licking your wounds makes them better. Unless you lick too much, then your fur comes off.
–Eat anything that tastes good, whether it’s food or not. Then ask for more if you want more. If it’s not food, it’ll come out one way or another.
–Sleep in sunny patches.
–Cuddle enthusiastically.
–Be beside yourself with joy when you see someone you love.
–Ask for physical affection and you shall receive.
–Drink lots of water.
–Spend time outside on sunny days running around acting crazy.
–Go for walks.
–Enjoy the smells.
–Sleep in your loved one’s room if there’s a big storm that scares you.

I think I’d like to come back as a dog in my next lifetime. Because humans aren’t necessarily the “higher” life form.

Sherlyn from TX