I Love Doggies

One April Fool’s Day exactly 10 years ago, in the rain a lost dog ran under our car while we were stopped in heavy traffic on a hwy service road in Queens, NY. My friend, Dominick who was driving the car said “I think I just ran over a dog, Iris, please take a look.” I was afraid to look but i was brave and so i did and a little red Pomeranian trotted out from under the car gave me a snooty look and trotted away. we chased her and cornered her in the rain in our suits (we were working at the time on our way to the office) like maniacs because she was little and there was so much traffic and into a Pakistani drug store where she bit my friend Dominick because she was scared. the druggest said “no troulbe i dont want any trouble’ and he gave us a small box and i put on my leather gloves and picked her up and then she bit me. we took her in the car,brought her home and she bit my mother, and to my to our Vet who searched for her owner and for a micro chip- we put up signs, looked in the papers, called the NYPD, the pounds-nobody claimed her. So we kept her and called her Mitzi (i should have called her Bitsy) and that started a legacy of so many dogs in our lives -that there isnt enough time to mention them all in one little story. Everyday she would come to work with us, and she was so nasty, growled and bit us. But we gave her love. . Loving and kind -she beame and would come to work with me. 3 years ago Mitzi got really sick and it was her heart. She died in my arms . MY heart was so broken, a broken heart for mitzi who by the way became my best friend and companion i mean she went to Macy’s with me in my pocketbook in the ladies try-on room. she sat next to me everyday in the car and at work at my desk on my chair slept with me at night
she turned into a loving, sweet adoring wonderful friend from a vicious biting wild raggedy dog in the street-why because she was loved, she learned to know and understand love and slowly but surely she began to give love back- doggies are the best!! The truth of the matter is that these animals are smart and instinctively know when they have a good thing-and dont want to spoil what they have. I believe this poor creature was abused and that was why she was in the street biting up the world. We were lucky to have her for the short time she had us.

Iris from NY

PS: Mitzi’s little bites never hurt at most you got a black and blue mark that looked like an eyelash! I called them love bites :)