Herbert T., Coco

Loved your book “Rescuing Sprite” Fell in love with the author too. First time I really fell in love with Rush was when he talked about “Pumpkin” and how worried he was about his kitty that was ill. You are two wonderful men. We have an almost 16 year old rescued dog Herbert T. Who we love as much as you love Spritie. He is as my husband says only part dog. His time is coming soon and we enjoy everyday we have with him and all the love he shows us.

We have a new sister for him now Coco that is a year old and just like Pepsi he welcomed her into the family. He loves her as much as we do and watches over her like an older brother. I have aways told my children and grandchildren that dogs are our most treasured animal gift that God has given us. He even named them his name backward to remind us of it. Just one small special thing about our wonderful Herbert T. He actually can speak the words of Moma, I want one, Yummy, yummy and I love you. I’d love to send you a recording and picture of him doing this if you are interested. Your new addition to the family, Griffen is a sweetheart. Thank you for writing the book. We are so blessed that you, Rush, Sean and Glenn enlighten us regarding the truth everyday.

Gary and Vicki from OH