Griffin, Cheyenne, Jagger

I just finished Rescuing Sprite and wanted to thank you for sharing your special moments, in hopes that someone who may not have been a dog lover, will now be one, because of your heartfelt book. I was compelled to write you when I got to the final chapter “Griffen.” I have lost babies from hamsters, bunnies to dogs, but my most special bond was with my dog, GRIFFIN. I lost he and his canine sister, Cheyenne, within 8 months of each other. The pain I know, is indescribable. They are true gifts from God, and must be cherished every moment of their precious, and unfortunately too short lives.
The best gift we can give them in return is to adopt another dog, that if not for people like you and I, would not be afforded an opportunity for a wonderful life, no matter how long it may be. In honor of my Griffin’s life, I adopted JAGGER from a local shelter. The simalarities in appearance between them is extraordinary, but they each have their own unique qualities that make them so special and unique.
Best wishes to you and your ENTIRE family – Sprite included. His memory will live on in your hearts forever, and if he could talk would thank you for the best 26 months of his life.

Jennifer from NJ