Mark, First permit me to thank you for being the “clean-up hitter” I have a 10 year old beagle fiest named Ginger. I adopted her from the local humane society when she was approximately 8 months old. She is the only family I have within 500 miles. I serve as the athletic trainer (sports-medicine) person for the local middle and high schools. For eight years Ginger was as much of part of the school as anyone. She would be on the sidelines for all football games home and away. She has that effect on people. Two and a half years ago our local board of education hired a 30 year principal to lead this school of nearly 1,600 students. She is not of our community, and I’m not even sure she is human. After more than eight years, she in cahoots with a new superintendent banned my girl from the sidelines. Then from the practoce fields, now from riding with me from field to field on our John Deere Gator. The thing she enjoys the most aside from being around our student-athletes. Recently they went against this entire community by saying they would fire me on the spot if they saw her anywhere outside of my office. They said they didn’t care if everyone in this county showed-up at the board of education on mine and Ginger’s behalf it would make no difference. That is what my nearly 20 yrs of service is worth to them to go ahead. I can have another job as soon as I want one. Ginger can come too. Not to make a political statement on this sacred site, but this once wonderful school system has become a Marxist state in less than three yrs.I can’t think of any other term to describe people living on the taxpayers buck, while being completely unresponsive to the desires of a long time employee, and sevearl thousand tax payers. It is my hope these people will be elsewhere soon. If not. Ginger and I will be. Thank you! Dave Mahan & Ginger.

Dave from NC