I’ve been a dog lover all my life, but I met my Heavenly Dog–my canine soulmate accidentally one day when I stopped by the Humane Society to search for a companion for my mom. Dolly was a beautiful but viscious blonde pom who was so quick to bite, Tammy, the director wouldn’t even put her up for public adoption. When I began to coo at the little blonde pom that day, she lunged at me, snapping. Tammy encounraged me to adopt Dolly, but said it would take some time for her to get accustomed to me. I visited Dolly every day for a month. On my lunch hour we would go for a walk. When she bit through my thumbnail one day, I asked Tammy if I should give up and give someone else a chance. She told me I was Dolly’s last chance, so I decided to take her home. She started out in the back seat of my car and by the time we got home, she was in my lap. We’ve been best friends ever since. She was obviously abused. The story Tammy got was that she came from a puppy mill. Because of Dolly, I’ve learned about unconditional love and many other lessons, God has used her to teach me. She is my constant, loving companion. She’s recently been diagnosed with kidney problems which has put her on a kidney diet. For a dog who loves turkey legs more than life itself, that’s hard, but through prayer, we are dealing with the Science Diet K/D and learning to love it. I’m reading Mark’s book about Sprite. I’ve been a fan since I began to hear him on Sean Hannity’s radio show. I’ve been a daily listener since day one. Thank you, Mark, for your love of all things canine!!

Nancy from TX