Dog Lovers

Dear Mark,

I spoke with you a few years ago when the Terry Schiavo story was headline news. I told you how my daughter, who is a Nurse Practitioner was outraged how they treated, or I should say murdered poor Terry. You told me on that call that I should call again that you love Nurses. I have tried numerous times and the lines are constantly busy, due to you popularity.

Anyway, wanted to tell you that my Nurse Practitioner daughter has rescued many dogs over the years, and presently lives in PA with 6 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats. Lucky for her she has a pretty large house and property and a job where she can support all these lovely rescued animals. She has a Katrina Lab whose mother and siblings were drowned. She has other fascinating stories and even was on PA TV when she brought her rescue dog to a Nursing Home to cheer up the patients…needless to say this daughter not only saves and has a heart for humans, but animals too. In her spare time, which isn’t very much, she volunteers at a Humane Society in PA – works the dogs and does nice/nice to the poor caged up doggies. She has fostered dogs, which is not a good idea as she ends up owning them.

You would find her very fascinating as she has a brilliant brain, specialized in the Cardiology and many other areas.

Over the years when her doggies died, she was so upset, she had to take off work for days, saying there was a death in the family.

Hearing how upset you were over your lovely dog Sprite, my daughter, children and I who all had and still have many rescue cats and dogs, understand fully the grief you went thru. Our family could not function for weeks without crying and still today we talk about our family of pets.

Please know you are in our prayers and thank you for all you do.

Politically I love you and don’t miss a show. You are on target, smart, and have a very good sense of humor. All my friends love you also. Keep up the good work…I knew you for years as my sister and I heard and saw you in person at a Christian Coalition Conference in DC. It was then I began to be one of your biggest fan.

My best to you….

Doris from NJ