I wrote yesterday about the dogs I have had and lost growing up. I now feel compelled to write about the dog I almost had.
I am a teacher at a school that is set off by itself. In fact it and another school are the only buildings on the road. One day I looked out the window and saw an adorable dog wandering around our parking lot. I watched this dog for a while as students were being dropped off for breakfast. The dog would try to follow the students and would then follow the parents. When no one was in the parking lot she wandered around siffing at the garbage cans. I couldn’t figure out how the dog got there. We had had an author visit a few days prior;Sandra Phillipson who wrote the Max and Annie books. She brings her dogs with her to author visits and happened to leave behind some dog food. I took it out to the lost dog and she gobbled it up instantly. More and more students were arriving and I couldn’t figure out what to do. A fellow teacher and I decided to bring her in. I’m sure the principal didn’t like that too much but the kids sure did. She stayed with us all day. I called my husband several times during the day begging to bring the dog home. He refused. Finally I called and asked what if we just kept her until I find her a home. So, he agreed and I brought her home. She was clearly a puppy but was bigger than my grown cocker spaniel. We figured part german shepard. Abby wasn’t too happy about the new dog that we named Daphne. She wasn’t fully house trained but she was so very sweet and gentle. We had her for 3 days when I found out our janitor was willing to take her. He lives on many acres with 2 other german shepards and a few horses. He had a daughter in our school and one younger. I told my husband the good news but he didn’t want to give her up. I didn’t either but I told him the man has kids and has already told them. They are too excited to take her away from them. So reluctantly we gave her up. I still regret it to this day. But Daphne, now Sissy, is living a good life. The man says she is the best dog he has ever had. I think rescue dogs know that you have rescued them from an undetermined fate and are eternally grateful. That’s why they make such wonderful pets. Despite my cocker’s objections to Daphne I ended up adopting a beagle. I missed Daphne so much after only 3 days with her. My beagle is quite a handful but is very sweet and loyal. I plan on spending my summer volunteering at a rescue shelter. It felt so good to do good for Daphne. They say it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. So true.

Kara from OH