I have always been a huge fan of dogs with their unconditional love and loyalty, often it seems despite whatever they have been through. I recently bought home a dog from the kennel in which I work when the owners didnt want to keep her anymore. (A boarding kennel, not a rescue I might add)
Clarissa was petrified, reticent, skin and bone, didnt know how to play with toys or my other 3 dogs, it really tugged at my heart strings. Three weeks later she is just beginning to relax, enjoy walks, and allows my others to sit ‘fairly’ close by.
Last night a visit to the vet gave me some heart breaking news. She had a lung and abdomen full of fluid, most likely cancer or heart failure. She is 4 years old. At this stage I have no idea how I will make the right decision re her future. It just seems so ironic that she may not be able to enjoy her new found happiness for very long.
PS. I am a slow reader but read Rescuing Sprite in almost one hit. Thankyou.

Nicky from SC