Cha Cha, Holly

Hi Mark, You will be pleased this past December we adopted a rescue dog. Our old dog Cha Cha had died two year previous and we were devastated like all pet owners when they lose a part of their family. My husband was reluctant to get another dog all of that time although I could have sooner. We happened to babysit our neighbors new puppy, a Bearded Collie and we both fell in love with her. One day I decided to go to Petfinders.com on the Internet and searched Bearded Collies up for adoption. Holly was the first one listed and something about her description and photo just told me she was the one for us. Anyway, I asked my husband what he thought and showed him her photo and he said go for it……so we went thru the adoption process and arranged to pick her up in St George, Utah and the foster parent met us half way. We made the best choice ever and she is now a happy, healthy bundle of hugs and kisses. She has made our lives full of lots of laughs and fun and look forward to many happy years. I have never read your book although I intend to buy it…and despite the tears that I know will come because we can relate to your lost of Sprite. We have had 4 dogs in the past…all strays who found us and they were all wonderful and still in our hearts. Holly was found wandering in a remote area in Wyoming and the foster parent said had she not been seen that nite on a lonely road she would have not made it due to the extreme cold.
God was lookiing after her and we thank Him for bringing her to us.
We enjoy your programming so much and Bless you for all you do.
Susan and Ron from AZ