Can’t Stop Crying

I have not stopped crying since reading your book about Sprite.My Yellow Lab 7 1/2 yrs old had cancer of the jaw and skull and we put him to sleep Aug 12th. did not want to give him chemo and radiation. I am up to page 190 and have cried fior 2 days so far. hope I can finish the book. Read Marley book also. both good reading. I have since gotten a Labradoodle opup he is 9mos. oldam a senior citizen and did not realize how much energy you need for a puppy. have been married 51 years and always had a dog. just love them all. cats too. thank you for writing about your loving animals they sound almost human. I know that feeling as my lab was like that understood all we talked about. then my hubby and I had to spell certain phrases. Now this puppy is understanding certainwords we say. Be well I want you to understand that we are democrats but started listening to 790 AM when oj simpson trial started. Michael Jackson was on at the time he was not a republican. I get annoyed with all the talking about opposite party don’t really know why I continue to listen but when I can’t I jjust urn on music. you really start off and am so amazed oif the things you say some may be true but I want you to know that I am not very wise politically. would never get in any conversations because I can never back up why I think I like whomever so I stay neutral. but you are frank abiout facts but they astound me at times. be well and hope I can finish the book without crying.

Jeanette from CA