Brandi, Duke & Autumn

My husband and myself love youe show. My husband is the one who told me about Rescuing Sprite. With us being such dog lovers it was a very warming and heart breaking story. we loved it. My husband and myself have three Dobermand and a Shepard/Chow mix. The Shepard/Chow(Brandi) is the oldest, she is 12 years ond. Our oldest Dobes(Duke and Autumn) are 5 years old. our youngest Dobes(Cheyenne) is 6 months old. Cheyenne is Dukes puppy. Istead of taking the stud fee we decided to bless ouselves with a grandpuppy. To our amazment Cheyenne and Brandi get along great, and we were worried about the age difference if they would get along. Mark keep up you good work. We love your show.

Donnett from MD