Bobbie, Raider, Jack

I have two rescue lab/shepherd mixes. One is a therapy dog because of his gentle temperament. I have also a rott/akita mix who was thrown out. He had a chip and when I called the lady who owned him, she said she had moved and didn’t want him any more!!….He has such a gentle spirit and gets along with what ever dog visits us. I wish I could take in more dogs, but I am retired and 3 are all I can handle, but I feel so very blessed with my rescues. Bobbie and Raider are 11 1/2 and Jack , the rott, is almost 3. I just finished reading the Sprite story and part of the reason I took Jack and didn’t find him another home was that I just couldn’t bear the thought of being alone if something happened to Bobbie and Raider. I am grieving the loss of my Schatze cat due to squamous cell carcinoma and it was very hard for me to finish the last few pages of this book about Sprite, but in my case also, I had to put him to sleep, he wasn’t ready but the cancer had made him unable to open his mouth to eat and keeping him alive when he would have starved to death was not an option.
I am still grieving him .
Animals touch our lives in a way other humans just cannot. Thanks so much for the blessing of Sprite . It touched my heart.

C. Kay from CA