Bo and Nurmi

On Jan 14th, 2008 I had to put my dogs to sleep. Their names were Bo and Nurmi. I miss them terribly and there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think of them and wish they were with me. They were my best friends for almost thirteen years. I’m grateful to God for puting them in my life and for the happiness and joy they gave me.

Bo and Nurmi, I miss you both and will love you always. You were my babies and will always be. I hope to see you again someday and until then, know that I love you both more than I can describe.

Your Buddy,
Spence from CA



A picture of Bo and I on the day she was put to sleep.


Here’s another photo of Bo and I. I loved both of my dogs equally but Bo and I had a special bond. She never left my side. Nurmi, he was pretty independent and didn’t want to be bothered much. When he wanted attention, he’d come and get it. I miss them both so much, Mr. Levin. Thank you for your dog site.


bo nurmi

Bo and Nurmi. Even though I photoshopped the dogs and my face into the photo, it’s one of my favorite of them. They were both puppies. I had always intended on making that picture a photo Christmas card but never did.