Bingo and Gromit

Dear Mr. Levin:
Last October, a work associate of mine gave me a gift that I wish I had not waited this long to read — it was the book you wrote of your beloved Sprite. I guess I was not ready to read about the loss of your best friend because I didn’t want to relive the pain my husband and I had gone thru with both of our dogs, Bingo and Gromit. Shortly after we married in 1997, we adopted an adult basenji from a rescue shelter in Hollywood, CA. Unbeknownst to us that he had separation anxiety and I couldn’t bear to give him up, we decided to get another dog to keep him company. Luckily it worked and for 8 years, Bingo (Basenji) and Gromit (smooth haired fox terrier) were the best of friends although they did get into some arguments over food at times.

A few days before Christmas 1995, Gromit at age 8 who have had health issues with his liver (liver shunt) since he was a puppy, unfortunately passed away in the middle of the night — a top team of specialists tried to revive him. The next morning as I arrived at work, I got the call from the vet. I was crushed. Gromit was not coming home to us. Worst of all, Bingo, who was almost 15 at the time was alone again. Although I adopted 2 more dogs to keep him company, his health was deteriorating. His vision and hearing was pretty much gone, he had trouble standing and his bladder cancer had returned.

Last Spring, my husband and I had to say goodbye to him so he would be no longer in pain. I am sure they are probably frolicking with Sprite and all the other dogs under the Rainbow Bridge having the time of their life! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading about your life with Pepsi and Sprite, which reminded me of Bingo and Gromit who will always be special to me.

Laney from TX