Beemer was my daughter Beth’s cherished friend for 15 years. Adopted from a shelter near Dallas, Beemer couldn’t have found a better owner.She loved that dog dearly. Beemer was showing her age, but Beth’s devotion never waivered in spite of all the inconveniences and problems. One day after arriving home from work Beemer was discovered in the small fish pond in the backyard. She had somehow fallen in and drowned. Beth was and still is devasted.
Coincidentally, I had just purchased Rescuing Sprite Actually I bought three copies, one for me and two more for my children. She was so grateful to receive that book and told me how much it helped her. She said it was so good to know that there were others who felt the same way about their animals. It was even more special because someone so prominent was willing to express his feelings about his dogs.

Thanks for the book Mark.
We were all moved by it. And thanks for the radio program. I can’t tell you how much we have all learned from you. Even though we are distanced from our family, we are all listening in our various locations. The show is very often the topic of our conversations.

Ellen from NJ