My buddy Bear passed away on February 20th 2008. A blonde cocker spaniel, he was 14 years and 3 months old and we had gotten him when he was six weeks old. I am so upset that he is gone but I was given a gift. The night he died (of a heart attack) a strange thing happened. The morning of the 20th my mother received a call from her sister. Her sister had not seen Bear but maybe once or twice in his entire life and hadn’t seen him for at least seven or eight years. My aunt told my mother that she had a dream the night before and in the dream I (meaning me) was very upset. Then Bear “flew” away, although she described it as not exactly flying. Bear began talking to my aunt and saying that he was OK and was happy to be out of his failing body. After the dream, my aunt immediately called my mother and asked her if Bear was OK. My mother told her that Bear had died just a few hours before. My aunt lives in another state and I had not seen her in at least a year. She had no reason to have that dream. I choose to believe it was Bear telling me to not be so upset and to go on with my life. I believe it was God telling me that everything is OK after we die and that our loved ones are waiting for us. I was remarkably calm after hearing about the dream and feel at peace with what has happened. I miss Bear so very much but I know he is in a better place and that he is waiting for me. Thank you so much for caring about animals, and dogs in particular.

I read Rescuing Sprite and it was very similar to my situation except that I had Bear a long time and I didn’t have to put him down (although he had an appointment later that day). I feel sad that you didn’t have Sprite his entire life and that you had to put him down. I was really dreading that but Bear saved my having to do it. Hopefully, Sprite and Bear have met and are playing together in heaven.

David from TN