Just want to relate a dog story , no pix needed as Bear was marmaduke a great big black great dane who stole my heart. On the day he died he was fine , walked around the yard and took it all in one last time. The thing I can not believe to this day is a the cat who ran from him every day of her life sat down with him and put her paw on his leg as he laid in the back yard while we were just taking it all in . She put her paw on his paw and just sat there looking at him . It was a sigt to behold. It was like she was saying it was ok and goodbye the cat knew. Later on the dog waited by the door for my husband to come home and then went iin the bedroom and laid down to die , my husband came out and said I think the dog is going to die .During the entire death process Bear was aware and if I stopped petting him he put his head up to make sure I would keep petting him till it was over . I cry just writing this to you. It was so beautiful , my loving boy went to doggie heaven wiith dignitythat day. I miss him every day and still have not gotten another dog , when the right one comes along I will know.
Thanks for letting me share this story.
I loved the book , you did a great job writing from the heart on a level all could relate to. Thanks.
Janet from NJ