We had a female Doxie named Auggie. About 2 years ago we decided that is might be a good idea to get here a friend. My husband really didn’t want to but I found a beautiful 6 week old female Doxie that howled like she was Janis Joplin…lol. My husband doesn’t believe on letting pets sleep with you. Well, the first night with this new puppy we thought we would put her with Auggie so she wouldn’t be lonely. But the pup still howled, I can sleep through anything and didn’t notice that it had gotten quiet. Well the next morning I got up early to let both dogs out. The pup wasn’t there. I went crazy looking for her trying not to wake my husband. When I decided to wake him up cause the pup is gone, he tells me no she is not, and she wasn’t she was sleeping with him the whole night. That became his dog and he named her Gypsy. That pup followed everywhere. It was a love story that was beautiful. But three weeks later she had a siezure that took her life. I have never seen a man so hurt and lost. But it gave me a new respect for my husband and his feelings. So all those guys out there that act like they are tough are in reality loving kind people. God Bless them all, the guys and the little pups that come into thier lives.

Jenny from WI