I’ve just finished reading Rescuing Sprite-my boss read it and said I would enjoy reading it. My entire family are animal lovers-my husband and I have 9 dogs and 13 cats. All were rescues or homeless. We live in the country and one day about 11 years ago a red truck went down the road and there were 2 guys standing up in the bed of the truck. We thought what idiots! What they did next blew us away. A black dog is thrown out the back of the truck into the road-he’s just bouncing on the pavement. We ran towards him but he ran into the woods and we couldn’t find him, knowing he might be hurt bad and could die.

The next day he came walking up our driveway, badly bruised and missing some skin, but wagging his tail. My husband says there is a magnet around our property-animals know where to come for love. We cleaned him up and made him comfortable until our vet opened on Monday. He was OK just sore said our vet. We named him Zack and he is a beautiful Black Lab. We call him Zackster Baxter sometimes.

Zack began having nosebleeds about 3 months ago. Our vet said it is a tumor and that the surgery is extremely invasive and difficult for a young dog and given Zack’s age he would probably never make a full recovery and could possibly die during surgery. Of course when I started reading about Sprite I had no idea (and neither did my boss) that I was going to be reading about something going on with our very own Zack. The difference with Sprite and Zack is that Zack tolerates the Prednisone well. He takes 1/2 tablet AM & PM every other day. Knock on wood his nosebleeds are few and far between at this point. I can certainly sympathize with their loss.

We lost our Lab/Doberman Christmas night 2006 after 13 years. He had a stroke and seizures and he was put to sleep on the back seat of our car. Extremely painful and it still is but to a lesser degree. He is buried on our property with all of our other dogs and cats. I am at work and do not have a photo of Zack to send. Rescuing Sprite is an excellent book. I shed many a tear for both Sprite and his family.

Phyllis from GA