Watch Out Kids

One killed my bird dog named “Molly” a few years back. She was a Brittany Spaniel that LOVED the woods as well as the water. This incident happened behind my church where I was clearing vegetation. I still see the visuals effects of the gator rolling with her. It was fifteen feet in front of me. I was tossing a ball in the lake so she would have something to do while I worked. I was watching out for alligators coming across the top of the lake. This one came up from the bottom, and when he surfaced, he was two feet off her backside. There was nothing I could do but cry, It happened so fast. I felt so helpless. When this gator was caught he was nine feet long. I buried molly on the bank where he took her down. Molly floated to the surface three days later and ten feet from where the gator drowned her. So her death was quick.
I discerned the Lord speaking to my heart three after the event to go and retrieve her lifeless carcass from the lake before the gator her for dinner. A dear friend help me burier her on the bank as a reminder to me as well as God’s people of the strength and a warning of this predator. There is a 4 X 4 post to mark the spot where she went down. This post will be a reminder of how powerfuly strong alligators can be. What if it would have been one of the children???? My dog weighted about 55 pounds, what does a child weight? I felt that she was the sacrificial lamb, because of what I felt the Lord had spoken to my heart over the next three days when I could not come out of my house. He kept telling me in the spirit “SO THERE MAY BE LIFE”I did not understand what this meant, so I kept challegeing God to the Fact that my dog was DEAD – Gone – Finished. WHY LORD, WHY??? How can you keep answering me with “SO THERE MAY BE LIFE”? when my dog is dead? This went on for three days as I kept visualing the entire seen of events of that day. It was not until week later that I found the TRUTH, so the TRUTH could set me FREE. I was at church several weeks later on a wednesday night, when the men were talking about “WHAT IF” it had happened to one of the children? You see; they proceeded to tell me that the children fish and play there on Wednesday nights. What would have happen “IF” one of the children would have gone down becuase of this alligator? This is when the “PEACE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING” flowed over my SOUL. I recieved what the Lord had been speaking to my heart for days “SO THERE MAY BE LIFE”, yes the dog was sacrificed so the children were not – “SO THERE MAY BE LIFE” and life more abuntendly. The PEACE and JOY that came over my SOUL that night was profound. That I was truly set FREE for the anger that I had against my GOD, because HIS message did not make any sense. He is ALWAYS RIGHT. We just need to be still and know that He is GOD, and we are His servants that need to obey His commands. We also need to ask ourselves one question – Who was here first the Gator or man? A lesson in Sacrificial giving according to our FATHER who is in heaven.
Robert from FL