Touched By Your Book

Browsing through the local bookstore, I came across Rescuing Sprite. As a animal lover and owner of two dogs, I just had to take the book home to read. I must say that your story touched me. My two dogs are healthy and bring alot of joy to my life, but I know someday I will have to make a decision on their life. Your book has shown me that there is a lot of loving people in this world that love their pets just like I do. I thank God every day for my family and my wonderful pets are always a part of my prayers.
Thank you for your beautiful story. Sprite will always be in my thoughts.

Jackie from MD

2 Responses

  1. Lise Wilson Says:

    I purchased your book for my husband as a Christmas Present. I read it myself on the plane coming back from California this past week and cried my eyes out knowing what you were having to go through with the last remaining months with Sprite. Being a dog lover myself(and by the way also a graduate of Alabama)and having many dogs over the years I know what you had to go through. It’s people like you though that give these wonderful animlas all the love they deserve. I know Sprite had several years with a family that loved him and I truly believe we will all be reuntied with our “four legged freinds” at a later time. By the way my husband could not read it, he didn’t even get to the part where you were getting Sprite, it was too emotional for him. I do hope Griffen is doing well and know he too will have a happy life with a loving family. Thank you for writing the book, Sean Hannity was right by his encoragement to share it with us.

  2. Sue from New York Says:

    Dear Mark,

    Your book about Sprite really touched my heart. Three Years ago I had to make the decision to put my beagle baby (who was 14 years old)to sleep as she was very, very sick. We had tried to make her better and she just wasn’t responding and getting worse. I couldn’t stand to see her suffer but it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and I have second guessed myself many, many times as to whether I had tried hard enough, took care of her well enough – was there something more I could have done. We tried several treatments and worked with the vet and had several emergency visits. I know there wasn’t and I did the right thing for Lecy but I still tear up whenever I think about her and I was a long, long time before I could even talk about her without sobbing.

    I miss her everyday, perhaps a little bit less traumatically as before but I still miss her and even now I’ll catch myself thinking I’ve heard her or thought I’ve seen her out of the corner of my eye. She started out being a hunting dog for my husband and son and she ended up really just being my dog and we just bonded right off with each other. For the last couple of years, I couldn’t even go in a different room without her following me and she would lay at my feet in the living room and put her head on my foot so that she would know instantly if I moved so she could follow.

    I also had Lecy cremated and had her remains given to me. I bought a flowering shrub and planted it next to our porch and put her ashes there.

    What really helped is that I made an album of just Lecy pictures. I went through all of our family albums and pulled out all of her pictures and made copies and made an album for just her. It really did help. But I think it is something that you never, ever really get over.

    I had to read your book a little bit at a time as it was hard. It really touched my heart and I knew exactly what you were going through and it brought a lot of stuff back but I had to read it all.

    If you have never had a dog before, you can’t understand the companionship and love that they give you unconditionally. My son has a dog that he got when he was in his last year of college and she is 8 years old and she is just a wonderful friend companion.

    As hard as it was to read your book, I am glad that you wrote it because it sums up exactly what I felt and I’m sure many, many others have felt also.