Shih Tsu Lovers

My daughter lives in Fairfax and had a 14 year old Shuh Tzu named Kerbie. Last September, Kerbie was put down due to complications. She was part of any family. Last July 4, she was visiting us with Kerbie and our neighborfs below us had their two Shuh Tzu named Bradley and Pipen. Also, the next door neighbor had their two Shuh Tzus named Dolly and June Bug. It was quite a sight with 5 Shih Tzus, Kerbie, Dolly, June Bug, Bradley and Pipen.
Last summer my daughter rescued another one from the shelter named Bella. Bella is quite shy and she needed company so my daugher bought the latest addition to the Dexter family; a small fry Shuh Tzu named Enzo. Enzo is teaching Bella bad habits.
By the way, we gave my daughter a copy of “Rescuring Sprint” for Christmas and when I asked how she liked it, she said it was tough to read while crying.

Ed from SC